Hal Zhang | Tyler & Rabaab


Friends, teachers, colleagues, husband and wife, they were meant to be ...

Tyler and Rabaab met while attending Teachers College in London, Ontario. They were inseparable from the start and Tyler had a master plan. 

His master plan:

"I had a plan. Like every man, what seemed like sheer brilliance at the time, was wrought full of oversights and a healthy dose of "winging it". My plan was to surprise Rabaab in Toronto on Saturday, however, ignoring her texts the night before nearly jeopardized the brilliant plot. I initially wanted to propose on Toronto Island, but on that particular day, the line for the ferry was at least two hours long. Lacking patience, I decided to walk along the boardwalk overlooking lake Ontario until we came upon a spot, one which idealized what I was looking for for the engagement shot. Having finally found the perfect spot, I was ready to take "the shot".... One problem... I forgot the tripod! In the heat of the moment, and trying not to arouse suspicion in Rabaab, I asked a complete stranger to take a picture under the guise of "a beautiful walk in the park". Unknown to Rabaab, my brilliant plan was finally coming to light, and when I dropped to one knee, and a tear ran down her cheek, I knew that that was the perfect moment to have captured forever..."

Her reaction:

"Tyler made me really upset the night before proposing - so upset that I went to bed without talking to him. Something I NEVER do. Poor guy was trying to surprise me by coming to Toronto to visit without me knowing. The next morning I woke up to a slew of texts and missed calls..he was trying to get me to meet him. I couldn't stay upset, so I did. We went to a park downtown, with a clear view of the Toronto skyline behind us and Lake Ontario beside us. Standing in the hot blazing sun, he asked me to take a picture with him on the grass steps leading up to a beautiful gazebo. As the photographer clicked our picture, he got down on one knee and changed my life forever...."

Fast forward to July 5th, 2013, and here we are. 

So without further ado, this is how the story goes... I present to you: Tyler and Rababb.